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Chapter 4

The sound of hundreds of boots clattering on the stone steps alerted Captain Hektor that there must be more soldiers on the upper levels of the Hab Unit, desperately trying to hold their position.

He pulled his claws away and the two dead soldiers as they sank to the floor, revealing blood smeared on the walls from where they were impaled. He turned to face the oncoming soldiers, claws at the ready he growled in anticipation.

Twenty soldiers descended down the stairs from the third floor, their Lasguns aimed ready. Hektor calculated that they were roughly forty feet away, by the time he got within twenty feet he would be cut down before even killing a single man.

Before the PDF squad sergeant had time to give the order to shoot, bolter rounds flew at their line cutting them down where they stood. Bits of meat and bone splattered everywhere, within a second they were all lying face down dead in a pool of their own blood.

Hektor looked back in surprise to see Sergeant Neski and his squad by the stairs at the other end of the building, their black polished armour camouflaged their presence enabling them to catch the soldiers by surprise. Hektor grinned at Neski as a thank you gesture, Neski’s helmet merely nodded in reply.

“Come on Brothers! We have men to kill!” Hektor roared as he charged up to the upper levels of the Hab unit, Terminas Squad quickly followed in pursuit.

They were met by more soldiers on the third and fourth floor, but were quickly and easily dispatched with help from Sergeant Neski’s veteran squad. By the time they reached the sixth floor, they met no resistance.

“Spread and search!” Neski commanded his squad through his helmets com-link.

Everyone switched their sight levels to thermal, as the corridors of the sixth floor were very dark. Captain Hektor did not need thermal aide to see in the dark, he was an experienced warrior of night warfare having fought with the Chapter for several centuries now. His eyes quickly adjusted to his dark surroundings, listening intently for any noise. He knew his Astartes were well trained enough to make very little noise even upon the tiled floor.

Hektor surveyed the corridor quickly, all the doors to the apartments on this floor were closed shut, except for one which was slightly ajar on his left roughly ten paces away. He signalled Neski and his squad to follow with a raised clenched claw. The squad swiftly moved their bolters and aimed ready at the door, everyone quickly moved into position.

Hektor kicked down the door, and charged in followed by Neski and four of his warriors. The room was large and empty, everyone had to quickly switch their sights to normal as the room was brightly lit by the large windows. Stood looking out the window was a lone man dressed in a Commissars uniform. The man did not bother to turn to look at his intruders;

“Did it really have to come to this?” the man sighed.

“What did you expect traitor?” Hektor growled.

“I am no traitor, Astartes!” the Commissar said turning to face the Captain. His face was fairly young, looking to be in his early thirties. The man did not flinch or show any sign of being intimidated by the appearance of the Night Stalkers, his expressions were one of disappointment rather than anger.

“Did you know Astartes, that half the planet was gathering an army together to bring down the planetary government, so we could bring this planet back in line under Imperial rule. Half of us didn’t want this to happen!”

“We have been given our orders Commissar! Now how would you like to die?” Hektor said showing the Commissar his claws.

The man looked deep into the Captains dark smouldering eyes and smiled; “like this!” he said as he pulled out a small remote and pressed a red button.

Hektor turned his head to face Neski, “Get out!” he screamed.

Within an instant the entire sixth floor exploded in a giant fire ball, the shockwave of it sent Hektor, Neski and another Astartes flying through the glass window. The rest of the squad were merely burnt alive, their dying screams could be heard from down below.

Neski’s arms and legs flailed in the air as he plummeted to the street below, he could see his Brother Astartes looking up in horror, unable to do anything to save them. He heard a scream to his left, but he could not tear his attention away from his impeding doom.

Suddenly something caught his eyes, a horizontal flag pole jutting out of the side of the Hab Unit. He grabbed hold of it with one hand, the servos in his gauntlet whined under the sudden pressure to hold on. His grip did not last as the pole started to bend and he fell again, luckily enough the height from which he now dropped was only a single floor level. He lay crumpled on the concrete floor, he knew he had broken a bone or two but it was better than being dead. Breathing was becoming increasingly difficult for him, how long he lay there he did not know.

From nowhere a white helmet appeared in his sight. “Sergeant are you alright?” Neski heard the voice coming from the helmet.
Neski couldn’t say anything, he merely grunted. The white helmeted man started issuing orders, to who he couldn’t see as he found he could not move his head in anyway at all.
“Stay still Neski!” the Astartes ordered before he plunged a very large syringe into the Neski’s forearm.

Neski could feel his heart beat slowing and his vision blurring as he fell into complete blackness.
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