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Chapter 3

A hundred and fifty of them had gathered upon the rain slicked empty streets on the outskirts of another bombed out city. From what they could make out of the bits of rubble here and there the city was formerly known as Deshran, it was a rebel stronghold and from the orbital scanners still contained a large number of them despite the orbital and aerial bombardments days previous.

Sergeant Petrov Neski of Terminas Squad stood amongst the mass of his battle brothers and thought how unusual it was for HQ to go against their usual battle practises. Clearly he was not the only one who thought this, as Sergeant Kyril standing several meters away had an expression of confusion upon his face.

Finally after fifteen minutes of waiting in the pouring rain, a Black Thunderhawk finally appeared out of the cloudy sky, its jet engines screaming as it descended to the designated landing zone fifty feet from where the Squads were waiting.

Once the Thunderhawk had finally landed and the ramps had lowered, Captain Hektor stepped forwards wearing his skull helmet and accompanied by the Chapters Chief Librarian, Khorvus. Librarian Khorvus was an intimidating character himself, he was not particularly close to anyone within the Chapter save perhaps the Death Lord himself.

He wore a black surplice over his armour with the Chapters red skull insignia which he always had the hood up covering his head and face, he bore a simple black staff with a rather large skull atop it, the skull however was not in the shape of a normal mans head. It was elongated slightly at the top resembling the shape of an Eldar.

The thought had crossed Neski’s mind on several occasions when ever he saw the Librarian, but the thought that an Astartes would use a Xenos skull in the service of the Emperor was preposterous and would quickly dismiss the first notion.

“Brothers!” Captain Hektor addressed his warriors as he took his helmet off revealing his weathered faced. A large crescent shaped scar ran down the left side of his face from eye brow level right down to his mouth; his shoulder length jet black hair was wild and messy similar to some of the Astartes within the Space Wolves chapter.

“It seems the Inquisitor is not happy with our progress!” he continued, being met by many disgruntled muffles. “That is why we need to carry out operations in broad daylight, going against our Chapter’s battle practises!”

“What has the council and the Death Lord said about this, sir?” asked one of the brothers from the back of the gathered warriors.

“They will be joining us shortly, once they are finished with their current Campaign!” Hektor answered; “Now are you all aware of your task?”

“Kill everything!” several of the Astartes shouted. Hektor smiled; That’s right! Kill everything! For the Emperor!” he shouted.

The entirety of third company moved straight into the heart of the city, four Rhino APC’s along with two Whirlwinds lead the convoy. Scouts teams were positioned on either side ensuring they could quickly pick off any early ambush attacks.

The journey into the heart of the dead city seemed to take ages as Neski awaited the time when the Rhino would stop and orders were screamed through the vox bead to get out as quickly as possible.

He looked across the personnel compartment to his battle brothers who were all silent and focused. Brother Bartemus had his helmet off, his head was rested against the armoured hull and his eyes closed. Brother Bartemus’s expression was one of complete calmness.

“It’s good to see you’re not phased by this Brother!” Neski said in a deep dry tone.
“Not at all sergeant,” Bartemus replied his eyes still closed looking asleep. “It’s the PDF who should be shitting themselves!”

Everyone in the squad laughed, Neski was proud that his squad were experienced and felt comforted that he had these men covering his back in the thick of battle.

After forty Terran minutes of driving round the city looking for resistance it finally came. The Whirlwind leading the convoy had rolled onto a fairly explosive landmine, causing it to blow the tracks off.

Within seconds orders were barked through the vox beads of every Sergeant. Squads of Night Stalkers erupted out of their Rhino’s with expert time and efficiency. Bolters in hand they were ready to deliver the Emperors peace.

A scout was shot through the head without warning, his head virtually exploded as the bullet passed through. Bolters were automatically unleashed and rounds were shot in every direction, the Night Stalkers were clearly on the back foot with the PDF forces firing from cover.

A Rhino in front of Neski’s APC exploded as a rocket was fired from the third floor of a bombed out office unit. The explosion set alight several nearby brothers, who screamed in agony. Shrapnel from the Rhino flew everywhere, one brother writhed on the floor clutching his neck and gasping for air as a large jagged piece of black metal protruded from his unprotected neck area. Another simply collapsed to the floor as shrapnel had penetrated his helmet lens and went straight through his skull.

Neski spotted the soldier who launched the rocket, he grabbed two frag grenades and cooked them before tossing them at the soldier. A loud explosion erupted from the third floor with body parts flying here and there. Before he had time to rejoice at his kill, a hail of bullets came from his left. One of them managed to embed itself in his calf, he screamed in agony and dropped to one knee. His brothers weren’t so lucky as he witnessed three warriors from his squad be cut down before they could even fire a single round.

Neski screamed in defiance of both the pain and his assailants as he blindly fired his bolter in their direction before crawling inside the Rhino trying to escape the next volley of rounds.

Meanwhile Captain Hektor located where the main group of enemies were and chucked a smoke grenade providing much needed cover for him to charge at them and rip them apart with his lightning claws. Once the hail of fire ceased for a brief moment, Hektor charged into the building which was an old Hab Unit. He quickly ran up the stairs meeting several PDF soldiers on the second floor.

Their initial shock gave him enough time to charge at them, one of the soldiers didn’t move at all he simply looked on in terror as Hektor raised his arm in the air and with one swoop cut the man from head to groin. He elbowed a man to his left, the impact caused the man’s face to cave in.

Turning in one quick smooth motion the Captain pinned two soldiers to the wall with both claws. Their eyes wide open and blood pouring out of their mouth like a fountain, Hektor screamed in animalistic ecstasy at the carnage being wrought. With such close proximity and strength with skill the Captain was an unstoppable foe against such ordinary men, they were child’s play.

to be continued...
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