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Chapter 2

The room itself was bathed in the darkness of the night, and sat at one end of the room by a large oak table was Captain Hektor reading the constantly updated data slate in his large armoured palm. The light from the data slate illuminated parts of his gaunt face, basking it in an eerie green glow.

There came a knock on the door at the other end of the large room, “Come in;” he growled loudly. The door opened silently somehow despite the Captain knowing that it usually opened with the noisiest of creaks, before him stood three figures with the tallest one in the middle.

The lead figure of the group was an elderly looking man to be in his early fifties, with long shoulder length grey hair. His face was weathered and tanned, with the bottom half covered by a red face mask. He was fairly tall for a normal man perhaps six foot five at a guess. Upon the breast of his brown leather overcoat was the symbol many within the Imperium had come to fear, the Inquisition. A large red letter ‘I’ with a skull in the middle of it stood out even in the darkness of the room

“Captain Hektor, I presume;” the man said with an arrogant smirk on his face.
The Captain said nothing, but merely glared at all three individuals stood before him. The other two flanking the inquisitor were probably part of his retinue, a Psyker and perhaps a young Acolyte.
“Tell me Captain, are the ‘Night Stalkers’ always so morbid?” the Inquisitor asked with a raised eyebrow, his expressions now hardened and stern.

Hektor sighed; “Is there something I can help you with Inquisitor?”

“How is the assault going on the city?” the Inquisitor asked with his head slightly cocked in a patronising tone.

“The city will be wiped out within two hours,” the Captain replied adding in, “as planned!”

“Such brutal efficiency,” the Inquisitor said licking his lips. The thought of such efficient slaughter appealed to his dark sadistic desires. “And of course you do know it was me who ordered you here… so you are of course under my command during this time.”

Hektor said nothing, but a raging fury was building up deep inside screaming to be unleashed upon such an arrogant man. He spotted the Psykers facial expression turn into a sly smirk; he could clearly read the Captains mind or emotions as it were. Hektor took a mental note of this and but it to the back of his mind for later retrieval and analysis.

“Once the city is dead, we shall depart Inquisitor.” Hektor finally said.

“Oh really,” the Inquisitor smiled and shook his head slowly; “I think you’ll find you’re not just going to exterminate this city, your going to exterminate the entire planet!” he said with a sadistic chuckle.

“That’s not how we operate!” Hektor’s shouted as his rage finally burst open, his large armoured fists slamming down on the table causing it to crack. "This city was to be used as an example for the others, they will back down as soon as they know of what has happened here!"

The Psyker immediately crackled with dangerous blue electrical energies all around, his malicious eyes staring intently at the Captain. The Acolyte pulled out a large and rather ornate white pistol in defence of his master.

Hektor growled, staring back at the aides like a defensive lion against a group of hyenas. He knew he was fast and skilled enough to dodge the acolytes shots, but the Psyker and the experienced Inquisitor may prove difficult. His mind then quickly shot to the consequences of what might happen to his Company or even his Chapter should he strike or attempt to strike an Inquisitor; the thoughts made him reluctantly ease off.

The Inquisitor put a hand in front of his Acolyte and walked towards the Captain staring at him with an amused expression; “Captain Hektor, I am an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, if you defy me your life and the lives of your entire chapter are forfeit.” Errus’s voice was calm yet full of malice and vindication.

Captain Hektor looked away from the Inquisitor, he felt ashamed at being so helpless. To be ordered around like some slave was an insult to his status and his entire Chapters reputation, yet what could he do he thought to himself?

The Inquisitor moved closer, his face now inches away from Hektor; “Its okay Captain, you Astartes soon get used to the idea of being under our control.” His eyes alight with mischief.

With that the Inquisitor walked out of the room flanked by his aides, leaving the Captain to brood on his predicament.

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