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Somthing that came to me randomnly
It would be nice if we had the slang for tau suits explained for example deathrain - any way i've done a list

Twin- Twin linked

Deathrain- Twin Missile Pod (suppot system or flamer)
Deathrain+- Twin linked Missile Pod Targetting Array

Burning eye- Twin Plasma (suppot system or flamer)
Burning eye- Twin Plasma Targetting Array

Sunforge- Twin Fusion (suppot system or flamer)
Sunforge+- Twin Fusion Targetting Array

Heatwave- Twin Flamer (suppot system)

Centurion: Shas'El Plasma rifle, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Targetting Array and Hard-Wired Multitracker.

Fireknife (FK): Plasma Rifle Missile Pod Multitracker

Helios: Plasma Rifle Fusion Blaster Multitracker

Bladestorm / Blinding Spear / Aurora: Plasma Rifle Burst Cannon Multitracker

Fireforge: Missile Pod Fusion Blaster Multitracker

Firestorm: Missile Pod Burst Cannon Multitracker

Stormforge: Burst Cannon Fusion Blaster Multitracker

Thunderstorm: Shas'Vre Burst Cannon Airbursting Fragmentation Projector Multitracker

Ion Knife: Cyclic Ion Blaster Plasma Rifle Multitracker

Ion Storm: Cyclic Ion Blaster Burst Cannon Multitracker

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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