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As Caleb dropped inside the defensive perimeter of the LZ, the scene that met him was one he had problems forgetting; corpses of fallen Imperial guardsmen were everywhere, each bore marks of brutal strength, arms ripped of, heads and legs also dismantled in the same manner, some corpses were only half there, the remainder Emperor knows where.

"What happened here?" Caleb asked a pale faced Junior Officer staggering past a veritable lake of blood.

"th,th,th...that monster ork did this, it tore through the defenses and killed any who were in it's way but as soon as we pulled back to the hangar it stopped attacking and just stood there" replied the officer, fainting dead on the spot.

"All Blood Angels marines form on me" Caleb ordered over the vox channel, relaying his position, and to Caleb's left and right dropped assault marines, and a devastator squad trudged through the mud towards Caleb, followed by a scout squad, after sounding off all the Blood Angel stood silent around the veteran, then a scout marine stood forward and asked

" What now?"

"We go to the hangar and support the surviving guardsmen" replied the Sergeant

"No good" replied one of the assault marines next to Caleb "My squad just came from there, its littered with the dead and all the ships are destroyed"

"Well lets find some supplies and ammo, barricade the hangar, and find any survivors and wounded and most importantly we have to find a vox-caster and call in evac" ordered the Veteran sergeant to his younger brethren, who sprang up and carried out his orders, and silently to himself Caleb Valedictus prayed to the Emperor and his primarch "Let us survive".

WE HAVE COME FOR YOUR.....*necron warrior turns around to the necron behind him* Hey Bob? what did we come for?!

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