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I would personally keep dark acolyte - without it your generating less power dice and you cannot use more than 2 a turn!

Keep dark acolyte and Lord of Dead. That way with 2 caster vampires you can spam dice raising your skeletons on a 3+ instead of wasting 2 dice to getting 1 casting of raise... WHICH CANT EVEN RAISE YOUR UNITS ABOVE STARTING!

Sceptre only works when raising new units of zombies and not adding, so its pretty pointless. Stick with helm of commandment - no one ever expects WS6 skeletons.

PErsonally the only changes i would make is increase the graveguard some how - make all vamps lvl 2 with lord of dead. drop skeles to minimum size (you can spam you raise spells to get them up to a decent strength)

1 other thing - you cannot equip more than 1 magic armour on a person at a time - so no cadaverous cuirass and enchanted shield combo.

Also your vamp is over points limit with Helm and dispel scroll - totals 55 points, sacrafice dispel scroll here.

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