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Default Soaring Angels

The Orks of Hounourus Prime

With a roar the large cheiftan charged, swinging his large bulky chopper and encouraging his mob forward towards the ordered line of Imperial Guardsmen, but the oratory of the cheiftan was cut short as his head was loped off by a power axe, staining the robes over Caleb's armour with the xeno's brackish blood.

"For the Emperor, for Sanguinius!" Caleb bellowed over the vox, getting similiar replies as he activated his ornate jump pack and soared into the ranks of the greenskins, causing terror and chaos where they landed, the heart ripped of the Orks attack all the greenskins could do was try to escape the sons of Sanguinius as they ripped into the bulky orks.

The veteran warriors of Caleb's squad, golden helmets told of the the gore that their blood red armour hid, as they tore through the ranks of orks, killing more and more with each step, but then the Orks began to turn and run back into the fight, with a core of orks clad in black armor from head to toes and carrying a crude idol leading them.

"Sergeant Valedictus, come in" came the reedy voice of one of the Imperial commanders " pull back to the LZ and defend it, orders from Segmentum Command is to pull out and glass the planet understood?"

"This is Valedictus, what about the wounded?" replied Caleb as he parried a frenzied orks attack, and emptied his bolt pistol's clip into the ork's torso

"Already out, and the guardsmen have already left except the force assigned with you, and they are facing heavy assault at the LZ so move marine!" replied the commander, his voice tinged with tones of frustration

"I will be done" and then he switched to the Blood Angels vox channels, " all Blood Angels move to the LZ, I repeat all Blood Angels space marines get to the LZ!, If you don't get there soon may the Emperor be with you"

"Squad, activate jump packs and head to the LZ, we are leaving!" and without another word Caleb soared into the air, towards the LZ and towards one of the bloodiest battles of the soaring Blood Angel's life

WE HAVE COME FOR YOUR.....*necron warrior turns around to the necron behind him* Hey Bob? what did we come for?!

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