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Thanks for the advice

And Orochi, i just recently started the game and at the moment i dont have enough models to even build this list, and i only have 10 ghouls right now, and the next thing i get will be fell bats, Im thinking of buying furies and puting them on the right size base.

Anyhow ill try out a game with the Vampire Advice, but at this moment i wont be able to use the ghouls. Otherwise i totally would.

Im making a reversion of my list, ill post it later today. But pretty much all i did was get rid of the black knights (I know people are going to say that i shouldnt) They really didnt do that much for me in the last three games i played. All they did was keep other knight in combat for four turns then they got cut down. So far the only combat that theyve won was when i lucked out with the cav hits on the empire knights and won combat by one. Thank [a choas god] his warrior priest didnt get the unbreakable spell off. But other then that theyve been beaten by archers and crossbowmen. And yes its because of the really reall bad rolling.

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