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Default Every Cloud has a Mechanical Lining


This story is set in 2030's Tokyo, specifically 2034. It's set in a world where most are cyberised. The term ‘cyberisation’ means that parts of their body are replaced in order to improve their physical state, i.e. their own brains being replaced with ‘mechanical implants.’

It follows the story of a cyborg special agent called Batou who works for an agency called public security section 9. He works with numerous people, for example his collegue Togusa who is mostly still human and also works for section 9. The story starts with his dwelling upon the loss of his female partner in crime, The Major (Motoko Kusanagi) who was also the unrequited love of his life, but will soon unfold to explain about his forgotten unspoken of military past and how it's made him arise to what he is now. A 'Ghost' is defined diffrently in this as it is the persons own conciousness, or soul, in which in some cases once the physica body dies, can flow freely through the Net (sort of the internet) until a new body is found or at their own free will. this is very rare however.

My stimulous for writing this piece is the japanese anime and manga, Ghost in the Shell, by Shirow Masamune. This story compliments the actual anime however is completely original in its entiry.

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