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Hate to say it, but the best armies for vampire counts are the ones that take one idea and do it to death. In other words if you want to use skeletons as your tar pit for combat resolution then take three or four units with full command. Then put Lord of the dead on every vamp sprinkle with a few standards, and the bound version of dance then build your army around that. However even for vampire counts you don't have much in the way for starting units especially without the ability to boast some of the meatier choices above their starting strength on every character. I find generally most of the scariest undead lists either raise 50+ models a game or have unit breakers like grave guard flanked by everyone's favorite free unit zombies. Oh and never rellly on zombies to beat things in fact rarely is it advised to try to support a combat with zombies (You will often loos just to the combat resolution from casualties.

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