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Default 1500pts Vampires!

this is for a camphaign (incorrect spelling) that the local store owner is hosting, its 1500pts no special charaters.

heres what i have, im going to make some changes probably.

Vampire: General, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Helm of Commandment, Disspell Scroll

Vampire: Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Might

Vampire: Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Cadaverous Cuirass, Enchanted Sheild, Sword of Battle

10 Skellies: Champion (bodyguard for General)

24 Skellies: Full Command

12 Dir Wolves: Doom Wolf (probably gonna chuck these guys for more Skellies)

9 GraveGuard: Full Command

6 Black Kights: Full Command, Barding, Standard of Hellish Vigour


Tell me what you think

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Vampire Counts
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