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Lol. The RIAA is actually going slowly off. These days They couldn't care less if you accidentally stumbled upon an mp3 or you've purposely downloaded 2000 full discographies. Music, they don't care about. Movies, they're still a little jumpy on, but you can pretty much do it for yourself if you don't go parading that you have them and you don't try to make a profit from it. Copying CD's....lol. They don't give a flying crap monster if you do or don't. The Record companies put their own protection on their CD's and the RIAA could go crawl in a hole and die for all they care. If you can find a way to crack the Copyright on CD's, you're fine. There are even legal ways to burn CD's and DVDs. www.slysoft.com has been up ann running for so long people are surprised they're not sued and shut down. They provide programs to get rid of DVD Protection (AnyDVD), to get rid of CD protection and a burner all in one (CloneCD) and a functional DVD burner that also compresses large DVD's so you can burn onto regular Blanks (CloneDVD).
Concerning Downloading media and software (games included), you're at full legal allowance to do so. The illegal part is to UPLOAD the files. You can't get into the tiniest but of trouble if you download anything - As long as you don't try to make profits.

RIAA manages the Media part of copyright but they're weakening.
Stuff like copying Moulds and stuff not related to Media is managed by their own respective companies and/or hired legalities from what I know.

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