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Default 500 Point Ork Army Friendly

I am kinda experienced with making ork armies and using them against other players, so here is a 500 point ork army horde that I used last night and actually did very well.
HQ: Warboss with Mega Armour, Cybork Body and Bosspole: 115pts
Troops: 30 boyz with shootas, 3 big shootas, nob with PK, eavy armour and bosspole. 240 points
19 boyz with shootas, 1 big shoota, nob with big choppa, eavy armour and bosspole. 144 points
Total: 499 pts
I know that compared to PKs, big choppas are really bad, but I ran out of models with PKs.
This is free to tear apart and improve as you see fit.
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