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I'd have to throw behind DAoT for this one.

Look at the M41 rare-tech that was (reportedly) common during the DAoT-
Vortex Grenades
Plasma Guns that don't overheat
Displacement and Conversion Fields
Pinpoint Teleportation

That doesn't even consider the ancillary tech that isn't specifically offensive or defensive, that may 'still' exist but was clearer, more accurate and better maintained than in M41.

I'll take 100 normal humans with the above load out over an Astartes Company, with a points spread in just about any tactical environment. And, while the Marines have the ability to make good battle decisions, they are still yoked with Codex methodology and Mechanicus limitations. DAoT humans were (again reportedly) more tech savvy and more likely to fiddle with their tech to improve or improvise with the equipment -- stuff that M41 Imperial Forces strongly discourage.
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