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If the Imperial Guard managed to take out Adrantis V, I dont see why Space Marines couldnt manage a full DAoT world. I dont believe superior technology=instant win in fiction or in the real world. You can be armed with a rocket launcher and a PHD and come out second best to a native with a blow gun.

The Space marines have a history of tackling "advanced tech" from other races. They win some they lose some. I dont see the daot being any different, a lot of space marine tech is from that era.

I would imagine if say the Iron Hands discovered a DAOT world they would not be short of supplies or support from titans. The imperium might have patchy supplies on many products due ot the size of the imperium, but you can bet the Fabricator General would pull a few strings to ensure no shortages for the capture of such a world!

I certainly see as such a battle regardless of military centre of not could go either way depending on plot direction needed for the fluff or roll of the dice :D. I dont see as the fiction blocks out a space marine win. High tech and insurmountable foes are all in a days work for the marines.
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