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I think your list looks fine. Many of you units look alot like my own, except Im not doing Nob bikers at the moment.

A single thing you have to change, but it aint really a problem. You bought a dedicated battlewagon for you troop nob biker unit, that is not alot, but you simply move it to the heavy support unit.

And maybe as a small note. To me the army is fast, everything either being mech or on bikes, which makes mobility one of you big str, and therefore I don't really think you need the kommandos. You got 2 units of nob bikers able to turboboost 24", your oppenents artillery won't be safe for long, so maybe skipping those and adding something else instead. Maybe some more gear for the nobs, just to make that wound allocation really good ;)

Peace out, have fun

- Kaizer

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