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Stormbolter and Cpmany Standard query

Hey everyone,
I'm putting together my first 1500 Army list and i have a couple of questions.

Question the 1st: With a Command Squad, does the Company Standard take up a hand? In the codex it says "One veteran may carry the company standard" but it also says "any veteran may replace his.....with:". My interpretation of that is that he carries the company standard but also can take 2 weapons ie a Stormbolter and powersword.

Question the 2nd: Can a Stormbolter Fire Hellfire rounds? The codex says they are specially modified bolter rounds. But also says at the bottom that the can only be used in a boltgun. Am I correct in saying a Stormbolter is a type of Boltgun? Or is it specifically the "Boltgun"? The Bolt pistol, Boltgun and Stormbolter all have the same stats bar the weapon type(Pistol,Rapidand Assault), so i am confused.


TY in advance

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