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I find my stormboyz always get paggered in the first two rounds. They arent the best unit, but I think they look pretty sweet. Perhaps, I'll drop the ten stormboyz, and take up 10 Lootas. Points shouldnt be too much affected. My opposition will expect me to use them, as he had watched me play the last few games, so it might make a suprise or two.

Cheers, Ill look into that. I have a match vs Chaos Space Marines on Tuesday, and I feel it could go tits up for me, but through Inexperience, more than army selection, as Im only new.

Ill look into Lootas definitely as a relacement option. It would help me against Tau units, as I can shoot them at range, and not have to worry about running the distance to them, getting broadsided, and railguned to pieces.

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