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Originally Posted by Daneel2.0 View Post
Nope, no silliness or hyperbole, and I'm aware of what tech the Space Marines use. And the thing about 40K tech is it either falls into the category of "Poorly thought out Plot Device" or "Things we can pretty much do today". Now not all of it does, there are some pretty good ideas in there in places, but for the most part, yeah.

Now, you list a couple of video games, where the 40K universe may have an edge (and Star Wars is pretty undeniably higher tech than 40K), but you hardly account for even a small percentage of a large body of writing. Try to think books, not video games or movies. It'll help.

Try David Weber (4 different universes), Foster, Farmer, Heinlein, nearly any of the many worlds created by Niven, Gear, Asimov (and not just the Foundation series either), Saberhagen, Dickson, Zahn, anything from Shadowrun, Ringo, etc . . . . .
I've said what I wanted to on the subject, and I stand by my opinion. No point in letting this topic get derailed further.
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