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Kohan was relieved that the psyker and the heretics were obliterated, and the temple saved. During the second warp travel he felt tentacles around his feet, but when he looked down they were not there. Furthermore voices were calling out for him, he ignored them because he knew it were daemons.

But one sentence got his attention: "Heed the space marines.... they are not to be trusted.... you will see... you will see very very soon.." the voice ended in maniacally laughing and then the travel was over, just like the Daemon wanted it to. Kohan knew Daemons spoke the truth at rare moments, and he believed this was such a moment. He realized the other troopers were descending into the sewers, and quickly followed the others. He jumped down, and foul smelling slime surrounded his feet, the stench almost unbearable. Kohan then remembered his loot of yesterdays' battle, a rebreather!

Kohan quickly reached for his backpack, and pulled out the chipped and worn rebreather. Kohan mumbled to himself: " I hope you still work, or else this stench will kill me before any Daemon can.." he then tightened the straps, and turned on the switch. The soft sound of small hydraulics pumping air could be heard, and Kohan was relieved when he smelled the foul odor no more. "Bless looting" Kohan mumbled.

He then was shocked to see marine footprints in the slime, and he remembered the Daemons' words "Heed the space marines.... they are not to be trusted.... you will see... you will see very very soon.." And he hoped the Daemon was lying... otherwise he will get in serious trouble... very soon.....

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