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Default Snagrod's Wagh?

So does anyone have any advice in terms of what type of Orc clan that Snagrod's Waaagh was during the Rynn World incident? I have just finished my crimson fists for now (with a link to a painting log at the bottom) and am going to go ahead and paint up the orcs that came with the original AoBR boxset. My ambition is to expand my orcs by picking up a battleforce and Battlewagon set. Then I will probably try and get another 20x boyz from the AoBR from ebay or something. So any longtime greentide player have any knowledge concerning Snagrod's army? Thanks in advance.

Until the Loki sector is free or we become extinct on Rynn...the Crimson Fists fight on in his grace's name.

Some links to ongoing painting logs covering space marines, orks, vampire counts and new small Warmachine Cryx project. Not to mention some pics of previously owned High Elves:


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