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tarkantor battled forward into the enemy sorceror, launching assault after assualt on his mind using the holy force weapon. he stepped over the circle surrounding the statue of the emperor, coming closer to the sorceror.
"You have entered the circle! here i have power unimaginable, and nothing can get in or out untill one of us is dead. And that will be you!" screamed the sorceror, blasting tarkantor with a strengthend warp blast.
"Then it is you who is the fool, warpscum." tarkantor whispered, remembering the fire that killed his parents. he looked up at the defiled statue of the emperor, he felt the rage he felt as a child.
"Die Chaos Sorceror, feel the power of Warpfire!" tarkantor roared.
"No! You cannot possess that power!" cried the sorceror.
Everything inside the circle was obliterated in the howling blaze of Warpfire. The statue, the sorceror, the ground, the Warpfire consumed everything. An almighty roar sounded, audible for miles around. In one last crack, the flames dissiapated. Tarkantor stood alone, clutching the blade, standing under the satue of the emperor, now cleansed of the chaos markings.
"The daemons are gone now. Only mortal enemies await us now." tarkantor spoke, before raising his blade and incinerating the last chaos marine.

"But the chaos space marine army is very large, we must find a way to cleanse them all. I must think, but this blade is a part of it. I had a vision inside the fire, I place the blade in some device, that cleanses the entire planet of warpscum. I just don't know where it is..." tarkantor mused.
"Onward, cleanse the temple!"

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