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@ Varakir, I can really understand what you mean. From some Videos Ive seen, as well as other types of Role-play iim in, its obvious how people cheat, or God-Mod (Basically create extremely powerful characters) with often poor cotumes, and generally a WoW attitude towards it.

(For example, me and my mate are going to be making Chaos Warrior/Dark Elf costumes, which are ALOT more complicated than some foam and gaffer tape, and will cost alot of money and time...)

@ Capt`Alrahhem, nice costume and a good community at that, often none-fantasy/more medievil themed events have less cheating/spell spamming?

Another Q. Are there any, especially Warhammer Larp-groups in Britain? I know its big in other countries like, Denmark, Sweeden etc.
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