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Timan yelled in agreement. Charging into the hordes. The PDF troopers took their example and began firing into the masses. The cultists were cut down in seconds, now all that remained was the storm and five chaos marines. The PDf troopers stood and gazd defiantly at the space marines. The astartes began to advance, met by las fire. One shot found a lucky mark and brought down a choas space marine. Seconds later there were three space marines left, and in their mist. They butchered the PDF troopers with no remorse, yet they stood firm. Not wanting to betray the trust of their adopted leader. They had ran before, when Timan had reunited them in this cause they had all agreed not to stand down. They knew they had a guranteed death that way. Least they had a chance this way, and a place at the Emperor's side. These heretic didn't, and they used that to draw strength. They fought the space marines to the ground. There was now only two left. Where there had been 48 troopers to start. There was now six, not including Timan/Kohan/Tarkantor/Sarin. The space marine looked at them, then gazed at the storm. Awaiting results.

"To the darkness I bring fire, to the ignorant I bring faith. Those who welcome these gifts may live, but I shall vist naught but death and eternal damnation on those who refuse them"
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