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"As ready as a loyal trooper can ever be! Ready and willing to die for the Emperor!" was Kohan's response to Timan, as he reloaded his laspistol with a fresh mag, and eyed the Chaos marines between the heretics, but he did not fear them, for his length was about the same, and power armor or not, they still were traitor, low life scum that needed to be exterminated from the galaxy. Kohan growled a war cry at them "For the emperor! That he may guide our swords and guns!" Kohan charged the masses of heretics without fear, without doubt. And he knew that in Timan he had found a mentor and friend, both willing to give everything for the emperor, even their lives. For Kohan knew, that IF he were to die here, he would get a place by the emperor's side, as a faithful soldier should get....

Army of Redemption: W:24 D:3 L:9
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