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rolling forward onto his knees, Tarkantor took stock of the situation. his eagle-staff had snapped during the travel. he felt his pyscich hood filtering out the sorceror's words, and saw the PDF troopers around him, pain etched on thier faces.
the sorceror looked at tarkantor, "why do you not suffer the same pain?" he cackled. "With no weapon you have no chance of beating me."
"I have my faith." Tarkantor stood, and drew the force weapon from the altar behind him. Whirling around, he unleashed a powerful warp bolt from the holy blade. the sorceror hissed, backing away, and releasing his hold over the PDF troopers.
"I have faith in the Emperor! What do you have?!" tarkantor roared, unleashing bolt after bolt of pure warp lightining at his foe. The two psykers moved closer to tje statue of the emperor, locked in a titanic pyshich duel, while the PDF troopers recoverd, and the heretics closed in, a number of chaos space marines amongst their ranks.

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