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Kohan was surprised by the sudden warp transportation, and saw thing he had never seen before, raw chaos energies and emotions all around. Then in a bright white flash he was in a desecrated temple, reeling a bit from the small warp travel. Suddenly heretics and traitors came from all sides, and Kohan felt a rage that overtook him. No bezerker's rage.. no far from that. It was a holy rage triggered by seeing the once holy imperial, now tainted and corrupted by these evil men. But what triggered this rage most, was a statue of the holy emperor, with a noose around his neck.

Kohan couldn't control his rage no more, and bellowed: "Let's purge the foul presence of chaos from this holy place, and let these heretics feel the emperor's wrath!" Kohan ended his text with charging headlong toward the nearest group of worshippers, grabbing his two pistols from their respective holsters, and shooting into the crowd. He smacked the guns hard into the skull of a heretic close by, which cracked under such a hard impact, and fired another in the stomach. Ripping open his belly, and making him fall to the ground. Kohan subsequently put back his autopistol back into it's holster, and unsheathed his combat knife. In one fluid motion the combat knife cut through the arm and torso of another heretic. Kohan made ready to strike again, but he noticed that there were no traitors left near him...........

Army of Redemption: W:24 D:3 L:9
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