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Default Night Lords Chaos 1500 list

Looking through the codex, the distinct style of the Night Lords crossed my eye (minus the batwing helmets, of course). I like the idea of their tactics as well, so the best way to implement the 'boo!' strategy was to use deep strike, which CSM have some cool rules for. The basic plan is to provide cover fire/support with the troop choices while generally charging the raptors into the fray (using cover if able). The terminators and demons will summon within 6" of whichever raptors are better situated (which is why one of the champions of the raptors isn't upgraded further.) The obliterators are purely there for some long range anti-tank support.

Chaos Sorcerer 150
wings + mark of Slaanesh + lash of submission + melta bombs
Accompanying the raptors. Using a ridiculously fun power.

Terminator squad: 215
2 w/power weapon and twin-linked bolter + 1 w/heavy flamer and power weapon + 2 w/chain fist and twin-linked bolter + icon of Khorne 30
Elite melee infantry to help the raptors with tough targets that also pack a strong close range punch that they can use on the turn they arrive as well as the next turn, and still assault after.

Noise marines: 185
5 models w/sonic blasters + 1 w/blastmaster
I'm worried that these guys may be too pricey, but each marine can lay down a hail of gunfire while still and on the move they've still got storm bolters effectively.

Chaos space marine squad: 225
10 models + icon of chaos glory + heavy bolter + plasma gun + champion upgrade with power fist
Your basic anti-infantry chaos marine squad.

Fast Attack:
Raptors: 225
8 models + aspiring champion upgrade + icon of Khorne+ meltagun x2
This squad meant to have the champion turn into the greater daemon. This will also be the squad traveling with the sorcerer.

Raptors: 250
8 models + aspiring champion upgrade with power fist + icon of Khorne + meltagun x2
This squad meant to spawn the greater daemon if the other raptors get wiped out and provide a second point of entry for deep striking troops.

Heavy Support:
Obliterator: 75

Obliterator: 75
To kill tanks from range. I like having 2 obliterators rather than a 5-man havoc squad because I can separate them to get more battlefield coverage. I'm worried that I may not have enough ranged anti-tank though. Essentially I've only got 2 shots at str 9. I wish these were broadsides

Summoned Daemons:
Summoned greater daemon: 100
Mostly for fun factor. I'm interested in hearing about people's performance with them though. I am sacrificing power fists or lightning claws on my raptor champions so I can field it.

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