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Day 18: I have summarized Slaneesh parties as awesome, but there are reprocussions, as i now owe my firstborn to the archdemon Jergav Jonthorpe. it is is a horrible, hulking brute of a daemon, that convolutes the rules of reality. now, in his realm, shooting a guardsman with a plasma pistol while his little toe is obscured means there is a good chance it goes AROUND HIM. some messed up stuff is going on, even for chaos...

Day 20: found something interesting out today, if you jab a human with an insanity sword, they make funny noises and foam at the mouth, screaming that they are "Legendo" and will "puwn" me. i think i have discovered a new language! i will call it... Leetspeak.

Day 21: i just got my newest mutation, a tail with a hand. this may be the single most Uberly-AWESOME thing that has EVER come to a chaos chosen. now i can scratch my ass, eat popcorn, play against myself on live, AND chop loyalist scum all at once. i love technology.

Day 22: note to self: Urinal cake are NOT as good as previously surmised.

Day 23: i do believe that my missing arm from the party has shown up. Abbadon the Despoiler invited me to a war-room meeting today, and used my arm as a pointer stick. after quietly telling him about the incident at the party, he apologized and gave it back in favor of a Ruler, which he took from a rather surly Khornate nun (note to self: my arm smells like as- OH GOD NO...)

Day 24: the Chaos News Network's shocking expose' on Kh'arn The Betrayer aired today, revealing that in his early life, he acted. his first movie was called "Twilight" his career went down from there after he tore out his supporting actress's throat in the kiss scene. he misunderstood the meaning of "kiss", and knew that Vampires didnt kiss, they "Kissed", leaving their victims to eternal agony.

To Be Continued...

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