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Thanks... Still, I'm just a student of english filology ^^" According to the national tests, my english isn't that bad... it's pretty good looking at more of my natives... But anyways, thanks ^_- I'll try to do it.

Still, I want the story to be my practice besides making it into a fiction i want to share, so I'll try to improve my english skills by it here... Okay?

yeah, i know you can't translate word-to-word cuz it would end up in gibberish sometimes. Like the ENglish saying is to be in someones Shoes... In my country the ONLY good equivalent is to be in someone's place. I understand the difference in saying. natives of other languages have that tendency to create foreign language sentences in the spite of their native language. I'm a victim to it, but I'm working on it.

Funny thing about the dashes... In my country, it's cannonicaly used for all prose, literature and other stuff to show it's the speech. The brackets are only used in some nishe ( did I spelled it correctly?) creations.

And in the meantime, when i see creations on fanfiction.net, most of the native speakers from UK and America tend to use both of them.

So critic was viewed and accepted ^_^ now I know what to work on ^_- thanks

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