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Originally Posted by Thuellai View Post
Ahh. Current plans are actually quite similar - for some reason I'm quite fond of the Alius model as well, but yeah, the Light Starter, Astraega, Xavier, and for my Wanderer, most likely Takanosuke or Jiang Pao are the current plan. Though I'm also quite fond of a lot of the Wissenschaft models and Bael and Ophiel. If I get Takanosuke, I think he has something special with Evangelina or some such? In which case I'd make sure to have her.
Hi, I'm very new here as I'm looking to getting into LotR game, but I'm very into Anima: Tactics and can answer a lot of question you might have.

Alius (the knight with wings on his back and as his legs) is a summon creature and would require a light summoner. Luckly you have many Church figures and thus you can get either Saint Hazeal (a little girl being carried by a Alius) or Romeo Exxet a leader that you can only field in 300 level games (about 5-7 units avg).

Takanosuke is a prowler and he does have a special relationship but to another wanderer Kujaku Hime a light warrior. She comes with a Team Plot card that for 5 extra levels they both get a range of extra abilities. Plus if you are playing an Organization party like Church you get one slot for a wanderer and teams count as one for that slot.

Jiang Pao also is part of a team The 3 Dragons with Lin Pao and Li Long.

Oh and the Advance Rule Book is coming out in a month or so, depending on the distributor and such. It really has only 40 or so pages of rules that aren't really that different from starter rules (and 2 web addendum) you can get for free online. A few tweeks and additional terrain rules along with Organization advantages. But its full of fluff of the organizations and all the unit backgrounds of 70 plus units out so far.

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