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I'm sorry if I'm asking it in the wrong place, but since its relevant to reporting (to some extent) I thought this is the best place to go to.

I've been wondering if I should report threads that are, from my completely subjective point of view, worthy to be stickied. Not threads that are simply entertaining, but those that are helpful to the community for one reason or another. I'm thinking about guides mainly, with Mabrothrax's CSM guide the best example I can come up with right now (shame he didn't continue it, its great). I think this is important because it keeps people from writing too many guides and tacticas, and also the authors of said works would get the credit they very much deserve.

A possible alternative to stickying each and every guide and tactica (only the best of the best, mind you, not all of them) would be to have one sticky thread with links to these guides/tacticas, like this:

Imperial Guard Guides:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Imperial Guard Tacticas:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Or every army's thread could have one sticky with said links. It really is a matter of conveniance, but it would also help new players find the guides and learn from them, so that when I'm checking out a list I don't have to tell the same thing for the 100000th time. Consequently, the army discussion threads would be more interesting, if a bit fewer in number.

This is only partially a matter of conveniance, however; the most important thing about this is that by providing the link to it you say "Yes folks, this guide/tactica is good enough for everyone to at least consider", and thus help new players get a hold of their chosen army. For instance, I wouldn't have bought that Chaos Predator if I knew it sucked so much. And again, it would give the authors credit for their hard work and as a side effect it would set up a standard to other new tactica-/guide-writers to keep themselves to. Learning how to spell and punctuate properly would be a nice first step in my opinion.

The reason why I posted this here is that reporting is a means to attract the attention of the moderators, and for variety's sake, wouldn't it be great if I could report good things, not just bad things?

Thank you for you time and patience.

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