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Default SM Sternguard Veteran Ork Hunter Squad (PIC HEAVY!)

Y'all remember the cool SM Veteran Tyranid Hunter metal minis, right? Well I decided they weren't cool enough so I made my own Veteran Ork Hunter Squad. I used tons and tons of bits from different box sets. I got some out of print pieces, some metal pieces, Ork pieces, Orc pieces (fantasy), Tact Squad pieces and Assault Squad pieces. I took me months to find everything I needed and even longer to put them all together. As I was taking pictures, I realized there are still some spots I didn't finish yet. This is by far the most converted squad I've made so far. I don't think I'll do anything like that again due to the cost of building the squad. Well, here you go. Any suggestions on future squads? I already got some ideas, but I would love to hear what you think.

The story behind this Squad of Vets is that they're the last surviving Marines on a Ork infested planet. Due to Imperium bureaucracy, they've been stranded on the planet for nearly a decade. They've ran out of supplies after the first 4 months and have since relied on scavenging for food, armor and weapons. Hence all the battle damage, Ork weapons and armor.

First up is my Sergeant. Gave him as much red as I could. Decided to put a white stripe on his pack to mark him as a Vet Sgt. That Ork bomb thing is supposed to be a replacement melta-bomb. I also chopped of the 'exhaust' things on the pack and replaced them with Ork skulls.

I guess this guy could be considered the Heavy Weapons Missile Launcher Marine. I put a 'swirly' and 'checkers' on the missiles.

I guess this guy could also be the Heavy Weapons Missile Launcher Marine. I put a 'swirly' on his missile too.

This is my Comm Marine. Gave him an auspex and a comm pack. I actually chopped of the left had so I could rotate it and angle it towards his face. Minor mod and probably unnecessary, but I like it.

This Marines is just a dual shotgun wielding bad-ass.

This is the Special Weapons Flamer Marine. The flame comes from WHFB Empire Flagellant Warband (?)

This is what started it all. I found an old out of print SM arm that was outstretched, like it was holding something. So I thought it'd be cool if I put a head on it. And then I found an Ork head that fit perfectly. But then I thought it needed more Ork stuff to tie it all together. So one damn OOP arm became an entire Sternguard Veteran Ork Hunter Squad. I decided to give him a single visor style lense.

This is one of my favorites. Dude just looks bad-ass running with two guns blazing.

I gave this guy a Black Reach Ork Warboss gun.

This guy could also be a Heavy Weapons Heavy Bolter Marine.

And here's a nice big happy Squad picture.

You can see the rest of my small Space Marine Army by clicking here HERE. And leave a comment. ;)

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