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This is my first Fan fic ive posted here so let me know what you guys think.

It's a tale concerning the much lamented and often misunderstood Rainbow Warriors, however it is not a comedy, I intend to make them cool again or at the very least relevant!

Here goes -

*EDIT:- at the bequest of Dark Angel I've added a Dramatis Personae.

Dramatis Personae

The Venerable Brothers of the Rainbow Warriors

Bifrost - Lord Captain Commander, Lord of Priism and 1st of the Rosians
Acatlotzin - Rosian, 2nd to Bifrost
Namacuix - 2nd in command of the Rainbow Warriors Chapter, Lord of Tonal and the Azuls
Borlung - Azul, Namacuix's Adjutant.
Xilonen - Azul, Namacuix's 2nd in Command.
Tezuma - Former Azul Captain, now A red.
Ocelotl - Verdant, Captain
Tonuauc - Puran, Lord of the Sun and Master of the Sacrifice
Yingarna - Puran, Lord of the Moon and Master of the Blood
Vladren - Rosian, Admiral of the Fleet
Autemoc - Azul, Vladren's 2nd
Heimdallr - Verdant, Master of the incoming wave
Monvath - Amaril, Lord of the Amarils and keeper of the Lore
Asvelon - Amaril, Monvath's 2nd
Forex - Anaran, Master of the Forge.

The Maniacal Brethren of the Emperor's Cleavers

Krom - High Blade Lord and Chapter Commander
Brothgaar - High Fist
Gorath - Fist
Joruus - Claw
Gorax - Claw
Fromaar - Claw
Cobaal - Talon

The Bonecaster - Mysterious Lord of the Chapter

Those members of the Non-Astartes civillianry and PDF

Ictlan - Namacuix's flesh brother and Majordomo
Arken Phlebas - Lord Governor of Soliban Prime
Maken Totav - Acting PDF Commander
Oren Pilonious - High Judge and Lord Marshal of the Arbites

Those members of His Majesty's Imperial Inquisition

Lady Cotillion - Inquisitor in charge of pacification of Soliban
Orinir - Her Interrogator
Fero Jax - Captain of the Inquisition Stormtroopers

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~



CLASSIFICATION: Tertiary Level Intelligence
ENCRYPTION: Cryptox v 3.3
DATE: 338.M41
AUTHOR: Gabriel Vaun, Inquisitor Ordo Hereticus
SUBJECT: The Intelligence you requested
RECIPIENT: Dashiel Primus Lotan, Lord Inquisitor, Ordo Hereticus Headquarters Segmentum Tempestus

Concerning the Rainbow Warriors,

My Most Gracious Lord,

Please find enclosed the Intelligence briefing you requested regarding the aforementioned Chapter.


[HG] - Proeliator Pluvium
[LG] - The Rainbow Warriors

HERITAGE - Successor of the Blood Angels Chapter, Unknown Founding

EST. HOMEWORLD - Conflicting reports find them with two distinct homeworlds
i) Prism
ii) Tonaltzinthi III

CURRENT NUMBERS - Between 550 and 600 Full Brothers, Unknown Scout and Neophyte Numbers

GENESEED TITHE QUOTA - Completed Regularly, Adeptus Majoris Gravan reports no anomalies.

RECENT HISTORY - Absolutely nothing of note, without a more aggressive investigation, it is impossible to research.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS - Unknown, though there are rumours of an engagement on a frontier world known as Void's Edge


My Lord I respectfully request that in the future you do not burden me with such thankless tasks, I find them to be a waste of time and valuable resources, they deprive important theatres of my agents, theatres where their presence and constant vigil is required.

The Astartes are a law unto themselves, they defy all attempts at control. Perhaps this role would be better suited to one of your more experienced Inquisitors in the future. Though why you wish to gather such intelligence is beyond me.

Once more I beg forgiveness for my Bluntness.

My Loyalty remains to you and the Golden Throne,

Gabriel Vaun.

+Thought for the Day - Taint is a cancer, sometimes it is prudent to remove a healthy organ to prevent its spread.+

Rainbow Warriors

She watched from her hiding place as more and more of the bodies pressed against the giant form, its bulky blue armour like a sea wall holding fast against a breaking tide. She eyed its vast form admiring the ceremonial armour it bore, which seemed to have some form of simplistic dragon totem detailed upon its every surface, while long ceremonial feathers protruded from various parts of its torso. The helm upon its head was shaped in the form of a glorious raptor, its ruby eyes surveying those around it with disdain.

Naked, its assailants rubbed and butted themselves against its still form, deriving pleasure from every touch. Several had ornamental knives with which they curiously stabbed at the statuesque form, seemingly trying to wound it, these attacks seemed almost laughable and invariably they ended up wounding each other more than they managed to even scratch the surface of their intended target.

Finally, it seemed that the giant had reached the limit of its tolerance. It moved one arm up striking several of the writhing forms and knocking them to the floor, where they lay writhing in ecstasy.

It then spun and charged backwards crashing into the timber frame of the wall behind it, crushing several of those who cavorted on its back. Finally it drew some kind of sword from its scabbard and began to dispatch the rest of those that surrounded it, laying into piles of bodies with each downward swipe of its blade until only one remained.

This sobbing creature backed away from the blood soaked behemoth before it.
Pleading for its life it raised one hand beckoning for the statue to stop its bloodshed. The fool’s pleas fell on deaf ears and she winced as it the statue strolled forward, watching mesmerised as the huge figure stomped down on the face of its victim crushing the head into a pulped mess.

The huge form circled slowly, scanning the room for more targets as a second of its kind entered from the doorway to its left.

Finally the child moved forward, stopping only to rub a large cist on her back which caused a sickly sweet smell to fill the air around her, she stepped out into the light knowing it was time for to speak her part.

Bifrost stomped down hard, killing the last cultist, grinning in satisfaction as he heard the crunch of the skull being ground into the solid wooden floor.

He looked up to see Acatlotzin standing in the doorway to his left, his terminator-armoured form was as blood drenched as his own.

“The more we defend humanity, the more I’m finding it has the capacity to surprise and disgust me.” He hissed as his second in command entered the room.

There was a shuffling noise behind him and he spun raising his storm bolter, grimacing as he noticed the body fluids still dripping from the barrel.

Acatlotzin appeared to his left, his weapon raised in a mirror image of his Lord, they both eyed the young female cub standing before them with suspicion, a sweet smell filling the air around her, before Bifrost activated his external vox.

“Imperial citizen you are impeding an astartes investigation, return to your parents and forget what you have seen here.” He fought hard to keep the contempt from his voice. Dealing with children was not something that the old warrior had much experience with.

The child tilted her head to the side and offered the sign of the Aquila. “Noble warriors of the Astartes, I think that you mistake me for a simple citizen, I am not. I am a member of the God Emperor’s most blessed Ecclesiarchy.”

Bifrost turned to Acatlotzin and activated his internal vox. “Were you aware of any representatives of His Church being sent to check on us?”

The other warrior shook his head in reply.

Bifrost turned back to the she cub. “We were not made aware that any members of the Imperial church were to be sent to converse with us. What do you want?”

The young girl seemed to take his questions in her stride, stepping gingerly over a puddle of blood and mashed limbs, showing no obvious discomfort at the sight.

“His Holiness sent me to ensure that the matter you were brought here for was concluded in a suitable manner. He wished to ensure that all remaining taint of this Emperor damned cult were wiped from existence.”

Bifrost nodded taking in her words; he found them strange coming from so young a she-cub. The scent that emanated from her filled his nostrils, though his helmets olfactors had dampened it considerably, it was still pungent. He wrinkled his nose, trying to dismiss the disruptive smell.

“Then you have your answer, the cult is no more. All of the remaining members have been purged by my command team.”

The she cub nodded. “My Lord will be pleased you have his thanks-“

Suddenly she stopped, sniffing the air, then turned, a slight hissing sound issuing from her lips as another armoured form entered through the front door of the building. This one was smaller and less compact than the two behind her, it eyed her warily.

Bifrost reacted first, raising his bolter in the direction of the new comer. “What is the meaning of this?”

The figure stepped forward into the light; it wore similar armour to Bifrost, though it was indeed of a different, smaller form. Bifrost growled as he recognised the warrior before him.

“Namacuix? What in the Emperor’s name are you doing here?” He called, anger clear in his voice.

The warrior stepped forward, saluting his Lord by punching his fist to his chest. In his other hand he held his helmet, his bare face was open and honest, the vertical, multicoloured stripe that ran from the top of his forehead to the bottom of his neck where it met the collar of his armour was vibrant and fresh as though he had just come from one of Tonauac’s ceremonies. The small service studs that pierced his skull were matched by the elongated piercings that covered his ears, like all of their Chapter such ornamentation was a proud part of their heritage.

“My Lord, you must not listen to this She-cub it reeks of deception, it has been sent to lull you into a false sense of security.”

Bifrost returned his sword to his scabbard then raised his hand to silence the other warrior.

By now the small child was becoming agitated, unable to hear their discourse it could tell that something was wrong.

“My Lord Captain Commander Bifrost, if you will remain here, I will send for his Holiness-“

Namacuix silenced her by lashing out with a swift kick, his armoured boot catching the small child and throwing its now lifeless corpse across the room, its face and upper chest a bloody ruin.

Bifrost brought his bolter to bear once more, his shock apparent at the act of one of his marines killing a She-cub, a child of the Ecclesiarchy no less.

“What madness is this? Have you lost your mind?” He growled at the younger warrior.

Namacuix ignored him, striding forward to lift the still twitching corpse, he raised it before his Lord, displaying the strange Cist upon its back, which even now was still secreting pheromones.

“This cub is a known as scent child. It was sent by a secondary cult to stall you. The pheromones it secretes, were designed to confound you and act as a beacon to its masters.”

Bifrost removed his helmet to get a closer look. “Scent child? Secondary Cult?
Explain this madness, and while your at it you can tell me what the Captain of my Third Company is even doing here? When I distinctly remember sending him on a vital mission protecting a ministorum fleet from reavers two systems away!”

“The Azuls still follow your command my Lord, I am here with the second Company. The Amarils of the Librarium received intelligence of a second cult just after you left to oversee this mission; they sent word to me before my company departed. I thought it prudent that I myself take command and warn you.”

He threw the corpse to the ground and torched its remains with his hand flamer, before continuing with his explanation.

“The night breeders of the Great Maw have infiltrated this planet. It was they who posed as the Ecclesiarchy to get you here; they wished to use you to remove the only remaining thorn in their side, the Pleasure cult. This was in order for them to then seize control of the planet. Even now they move to do so, this town will fall first, as the first borns come to confront you and tear any resistance asunder.”

Bifrost eyed Namacuix, unsure how to take his words.

“Please my Lord, you must go back to the skybridge you cannot risk our entire command team. Activate your locaters, a squad from the fifth company await even now to teleport you out.”

Bifrost cursed loudly. “I will not run from a fight! Especially not from the accursed Genestealers!”

“And yet run you must my Lord, for I have unleashed the Reds.” Namacuix responded staring at him, the desperation plain in his voice. Acatlotzin inhaled sharply and Bifrost grabbed Namacuix’ arm.

“You did what? You truly have lost your mind! Who gave you the right to order such measures?” He hissed, anger clear in his voice.

“There was nothing else we could do my Lord, it was the only option.” Namacuix replied calmly.

Bifrost nodded. “You have not heard the last of this Boy.”

Shaking his head the old Lord punched a button on his gauntlet as Acatlotzin followed suit. The Old Lord then spoke into his helm comm.

“This is Bifrost, the command team is pulling out, activate your locaters.” He then turned back to Namacuix.

“Clean this mess up, or do not return to us.” Namacuix nodded at his solemn words.

The first screams and sounds of fighting began as the command team disappeared in a blaze of light, Namacuix shielded his eyes as his Lord dematerialised, his glaring eyes the last thing Namacuix saw, as he was teleported back to the fortress monastery.

Namacuix turned sharply and lifted his gauntlet; he eyed the chronometer on his wrist armour then walked smartly out of the wooden building. He crossed the small dusty square of the frontier town, trying not to see the armoured forms that feasted upon the flesh of the still living towns people, armoured forms who bore the same livery as he did. He kept his eyes focused in the small Imperial chapel in front of him. Wondering how it had survived sandwiched as it was between two of the Imperium’s most reviled enemies.

Stepping smartly he cleared the small wooden steps leading up to the promenade and entered the small church, silencing his ears to the pleas of the dying citizens who screamed for his help.

Moving forward, he strolled between the tow rows of pews, carrying on until he came to the small altar, a basalt relief of the Emperor in his war form, pointing its marble blade to the heavens, showing humanity its birthright.

He knelt before it. Wishing for his sins this day, to be washed away by the radiance of the Tlacelel, the greatest of the warrior kings, the God Emperor of humanity.

Namacuix raised his head, a small tear running down his tanned and flawless cheek. Emotion was something that administrations of his Chapter’s Apothecarium was supposed to have burned out of him but here and now, where the screams of the innocent mingled, with the cries of the guilty, Namacuix felt the sorrow sweep through him.

Sorrow for his chapter and the innocents they have cursed this day but mostly sorrow for his brothers, the ones who would carry out the slaughter, those who would drink the blood of the innocent and turn themselves unwillingly from the God Emperor’s light. He raised his head and roared at the heavens, cursing the taint that blighted his chapter.

As he finished his lament, he reached down and gripped the pommel of his power sword, something had entered the small chapel behind him. He did not turn to view it, instead he merely waited. Perhaps it would be better to die here in the Emperor’s place than return to the hell that forged him. He bowed his head and awaited his fate.

The decision was taken from him as the stained glass window behind him burst inward and a bolt of blue crashed into the creature slamming it forward and out of the opposite window.

Namacuix looked up and saw the Emperor looking down on him. No, he would not die this day. He rose to his feet and moved away from the altar, bowing to the statue as he did so.

He turned and made his way to the small entrance, turning once more to salute the altar as he turned to leave.

Outside he was greeted by a scene of absolute carnage, his brothers had torn through the township and in a matter of what could only be minutes they had destroyed it utterly, dying towns folk lay everywhere, their dwellings destroyed and ravaged with fire. Here and there, several of the night breeders cult still fought but they were quickly overwhelmed, even their first borns could do little against his cursed brothers.

Namacuix stared straight ahead as out of the corner of his eye he noticed the forms of several of the Red tide turn from their dying victims to view him. With a chorus of grunts and hisses several of them started to move towards him.

Namacuix did not move, standing stock still, he made no move to retreat in the face of such overwhelming odds; instead he began to utter loudly a prayer to the Emperor, begging his forgiveness for the spilled blood of the innocents that now covered his chapter.

On and on they came, more of them joining the tide as they rushed towards him, closer and closer they came and still Namacuix did nothing.

They were almost upon him, when the chronometer at his wrist chimed. He quietly thanked the Emperor.

Suddenly all around him, almost simultaneously, his cursed brothers dropped to the dust unconscious.

Namacuix nodded and activated his helm comm.

“The mission was a success, thank the Emperor. I need clean up squads Jaguar and Hawk, flamer units will be required. Oh and thank the Purans once more for their gifts of the omnissiah, without them I would surely be counted among the dead. Namacuix

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