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Thanks for enjoying it. I know exactly what you mean about the tense thing. The entire time I was writing it I was kind of jumping around into the past present thing. Its continuity is actually probably off in places even still. Like I said this is probably my first actually attempt of writing anything outside of high school English which was about 8 or 9 years ago. Remembering all the grammar rules was a pain that I'm sure I didn't follow also! haha.

There are things in the further chapters of the story that will benefit from telling in present tense though so I will probably try to maintain that. I also kind of figured telling it in the present tense allowed me to tell the background stories of characters in past tense easier...I dunno really I kind of just sat down last night and wrote it from start to finish in about three hours.

I'm rambling now and shouldn't be! I need to get ready, gonna go pick up some new BL books today I think. So thanks again! And stay tuned, the next chapter is actually shorter and I definitely plan to finish it sometime very soon...its also probably the most important chapter in the story.
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