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Originally Posted by Damned Fist View Post
Sure. If you want to "personalize" the army with the paint brush then why not paint one of the Space Wolf designs on a knee pad or a shin guard? You could do this in a pattern across the army or very it up from model to model for a nice effect. If you don't mind doing free hand then that always makes an interesting model. Just a few ideas anyway. However..., what I said was not meant in any way as a put down. The test model looks great
This kind of thing would help a great deal. I also imagine Space Wolves to like to paint their armour with runes and such, or tribal markings. That could would quite well on lower legs etc. I think with Space Wolves, considering the pelts and such, you already have a fair bit of detail over a vanilla Marine. Finally, if you're gonna weather the model, it would change the models 'neat' appearance.

With regards the highlight, I think the highligh you've already done is light enough, so a midtone would be more useful. A thinner line, however, would also work. If you really wanted to go to town, a midtone and another highlight certainly wouldn't go a miss.

I really like your style though Munky. It's a style of painting I try to adhere to in all honesty.

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