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Painting Munky style!
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Originally Posted by Mordeth View Post
Do the same black markings on the yellow! Nothing sores my eyes more than plain yellow...
Lol I agree I will have a proper Great company marking on there on the proper minis I promise!

Originally Posted by Syph View Post
Clean and tidy as usual. Only thing I could suggest is adding a couple of extra highlights (which I'm sure you will considering the quality of the blue of your UM commissions).

I always think battle damage looks good on SWs too.
I was considering weathering the lower legs and chainsword/powerfists in this way, Il do some weathering on this chap and repost to see what you all recon.

Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
i would thin the high light to about half thickness or feather in a mid tone so the contrast between base and highlight isnt as stark on the grey,other than that it rocks,neat ,clean and very wolf.
Im unsure if I should do a lighter highlight or have a darker mid tone?

Originally Posted by Pherion View Post
I love it - looks great.

Is that gold done with the all powerfull Chestnut Ink? It sure looks like it.
Its brazen brass base coat highlighted with Brazen/Burnished Gold 50/50 mix.

Originally Posted by Damned Fist View Post
Good clean paint job!. It looks very 'Codex" like to me and works well if that is what you are going for.
Hmm I didnt intentionally go for "codex" wolves but it is close, might have to change that.........

Also any ideas on how and what details I could add to personalise models, im good at painting nice neat stuff, but I always struggle to add details?

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