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Default Noob to WHF need help.

Hi everyone

Iím thinking of starting Dark Elves army. I love the look of them and I feel they would be a fun army to play. But Iím not sure where to start. I thought of getting the Dark Elf Battalion & rule book first. Then build between 1500-2000 pts. I was hoping someone recommend best spells, upgrades and best units.

I was thinking in the ball parkÖ..

Lord on Black Dragon
2 Sorceress
12 Dark Elf Warriors with spear and shield (Full Command)
16 Dark Elf Warriors with repeater crossbow (Full Command)
20 Corsairs (Full Command)
5 Cold One Knights.
6 Harpies
15 Black Guard (Full Command)
2 Reaper Bolt Thrower
War Hydra

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