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Scarabs are awesome. Plant a conga line of scarabs in front of your guys. They don't provide cover, so you can shoot over top of them, without risk of getting assaulted. Destroyers are awesome in full squads, and if he;s running a lot of CC, the destroyers will probably get away with harassing them all day long.

Veil of Darkness. This little doo-dad will save your ass. especially with a big fat squad of immortals. just keep bouncing around the board unloading 20 shots at a time into his models.

Scarabs form a defense wall in front of your warriors, who pull the usual phalanx bullshit, aided by your little scarab shield. When he kills the scarabs (hopefully on his turn) he'll get left standing around like tool. In eihter case, use the time bought by the scarabs wisely and get out of charge range, wait till he breaks combat, and unload on him with everything. Scarabs will rack up an impressive amount of hits and wounds in close combat if you get the charge, and at 3 wounds a piece, can be hard to take down with good rolls. When you factor in the fact that they move 12", and can turbo-boost, they're a steal for 12 points a model. one squad of 10 should do the trick. The little bastards are fearless to boot. So no sweeping advances.

Use that monolith to cycle your warriors and give them a longer life. If you can't keep a res-orb close, then you may be in for trouble. Being able to teleport your warriors out of close combat with the monolith will save you as well. You can only move one unit per turn, but if you've timed it right, that'll save most of that squad from dying a horrible death in CC, and get you another turn of shooting.

Lord, res orb, veil of darkness

10 immortals

10 warriors
10 warriors

10 scarabs
5 destroyers
5 destroyers


that's 1495, and if you're hurting for more warriors, you can try dropping the monolith. I've never used one, personally, but it seems like it'd be a tough nut to crack. Just use stall tactics to rack up as many turns of rapid fire as you possibly can.

Overlap your fire and try to drop your target entirely before moving onto the next. Another good tactic is a 20-man warrior squad teleporting with the veil of darkness. It's 40 shots of rapid fire, res orb protected, troops scoring goodness.

It's always fun to plan your turns just right and end up with the "hammer" (very last turn) and your veiler still alive next to a troop choice. This give you the ability (scatter dice willing) to grab a last second objective, or teleport to the other side of the board and wipe out the last 3 models of a broken unit to grab one final kill point in annihilation.

Same goes for the monolith. You can teleport any "necron" 18" at the start of your turn, if you park the fat bastard on an objective and use it's teleport move to spit them out on the objective and grab a win, then it's a good times all around.

Don't forget that the scarabs (if they live, which is unlikely) can turbo-boost, as well as the destroyers, which makes for a few angry faces when you swoop in to contest an objective at the last moment.

That's about all I have for advice. Best of luck.

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