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Originally Posted by Katie Drake View Post
First, don't fool yourself into thinking that you can beat a close combat oriented army at its own game. The best you're going to be able to do is take a ton of Destroyers and shoot the living hell out of things before they get close. Immortals can do this job too.
exactly what he said

we have absolutly no chance as Necron against a "normal" CC army and even less against a specialiced CC-List

I once was forced to handle a SW list and got caught in CC and it was pure luck my Warriors survived 2 rounds as I passed all LD tests (which were around 8 ... lucky me)

If you really want to take the challange your best bet would be a
flayed ones
a Desi-Lord with Scythe

and Scarabs as Blocker

honestly ... shoot em down ... thats what Necrons are best at ... don't try to keep up with 5the Edition CC armies as our Skills in this area is screwed
the stability the WBB and our good Armour offers is worthless when being mowed down in a sweeping advance
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