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Apologies to Dark Ange, I deleted your post so I could continue the codex in this post without a gap. The following is your original post and my reply.

Originally Posted by dark angel View Post
Very nice Gal! Interesting read, have some rep
I am both shocked and alarmed that you managed to read that all in fifteen minutes LOL

Just for fun, try and guess what changes I'll be making to the SW fluff and descriptions to represent these guys before I can post them tomorow

Codex continued from first post

Unique Characters
The men of Sheol are no strangers to heroic deeds, but a few of them tower over their sons and brothers, taking their place as the chapter’s most respected and cherished warriors. These are but a few of their number.

Ulrik The Slayer(“Malleus’Skullbreaker’ Ironblood, Master of Sanctity”)
Since Versatus became master of the chapter’s forces, the position of Master of Sanctity became vacant…but not for long. His eldest son was the first to take it up. After that it passed to others, staying within the bloodline more often than not. The position is one of merit rather than heredity. It just so happens that the bloodline of Versatus Ironblood tends to produce the most qualified applicants.

The current holder of the title is Malleus Skullbreaker, Living heir to the blood of Sanguinius, Malleus is only a handful of generations removed from Master Versatus himself, a bloodline founded early in the chapter’s history, centuries before the mighty cleric’s ascension to dreadnoughthood. Malleus earned his name early in life, while on a hunt with his father and uncles. The young priest bravely leapt onto the back of an enraged, tank-sized Grass Titan and smote its skull with his crozius. The beast had a hide as thick as tank armor, and a complement of tusks and horns that would put a squiggoth to shame, but it caused not a moment’s pause in the lad. He leapt upon its back and with a series of thunderous blows managed to punch through the foot-thick bone and fell the beast by himself. Since then, his ferocity and fearlessness in combat became legend.

Malleus has passed his secrets down to many promising young warriors over the centuries, especially since the Angels Errant began going out into the galaxy at large. Daemons, howling warbosses and unholy alien monstrosities have all fallen under the Skullbreaker’s hallowed weapon. He is such a respected mentor that those brothers who accompany him into combat do it as much to learn from him as to protect him. Rather than rant out the usual battle litanies, his oratory in combat is usually a sort of informal presentation on how best to dismantle whatever monstrous foe they are currently engaged in destroying.

Slayer’s Oath is renamed to “Hunting Lessons” and the Wolf Helm of Russ rules now represent their version of a Death Mask, along with the usual vanilla-flavored substitutions for the fang and amulet. Mentor needs no explanation or alteration.

Arjac and Lukas
Honestly, I’m not overly fond of these two upgrade characters and can’t think of any way to include two obvious nose god-themed characters into the army flavor, so for now I’m simply going to omit them.

Njal Stormcaller (“Chief Librarian Aquilon”)
Favonious Aquilon, the chief librarian of the Angels Errant is known as the Windtamer among his people. The weather on Sheol is powerful and menacing. At its worst it can lift whole tanks and toss them like children’s toys. This scouring wind is what contributed to the mostly treeless landscape of the Sheolian plains. Only the long, deeply rooted grasses can withstand it for long. For this reason, the psykers of the original Ironblood expedition bent their intellects and their wills towards understanding and commanding these savage elements. Over the centuries, none have learned that lesson better than Aquilon.

In addition to his mastery of the various weather and tectonic-themed powers in the Angels Errant psychic arsenal, the Chief Librarian enters battle girded with some of the finest wargear that the chapter can provide, most of which he designed or built himself. As is sometimes the case with the most powerful psykers, Aquilon’s powers did not manifest until years after his induction into manhood. At the time, the young prodigy was deeply committed to the priesthood, specifically apprenticing to become a Techpriest. His mind was full of new ideas, and he was eager to put them to use. Innovation is a rare thing in the Imperium, even in the isolated and relatively uncorrupted techpriest community on Sheol, and not always greeted as a good thing.

It was believed that when the lad was struck by lightning while testing some sort of weather detecting auspex that it would be an object lesson on the wrongness of his pursuits and put him back on the beaten path. Instead, however, the jolt triggered his massive psychic potential that had lain dormant in his churning young mind until then. When he awoke in the apothecarium some days later it is said that the skies above immediately cleared. A stormfront that had menaced The Town for days without relent dissolved like a drop of ink in a bucket of water. It didn’t take long for the priesthood to make the connection and pick up on his flaring warp presence.

From then on, his career as a techpriest was doomed, but a far grander path was laid bare for him. He mastered the teachings of the chapter’s librarium and soon began to outstrip his tutors. Not only were his powers much stronger, but he wouldn’t stop tampering with his sacred wargear, always fiddling with the design and refining the output. Once his prowess on the battlefield was finally established, they stopped trying to repress the savant and started encouraging him. Over the centuries that followed, this indulgence has been repaid tenfold. It was Aquilon’s tinkering that made the psi-dampers the chapter uses today both practical and and powerful enough to warrant their widespread acceptance, and his close relationship with the techpriests that made it possible for most librarians to have psyber-augmented familiars, rather than only a select few.

The Lord of Tempests ability and improved nullification ability of the Staff of the Stormcaller can be explained by the Mantle of Storms, an ancient psychic hood (one of the chapter’s originals) that was personally modified by Aquilon to boost his already formidable psychic ability. His rune staff was jokingly called a Lightning Rod when he was young, and is made in part from the antenna of his old weather-sensing auspex that attracted the fateful bolt all those centuries ago. The name has since stuck, and the Rod plays a part in his Lord of Tempests ability. His Runic Terminator armor is a lovingly restored suit of crusade-era terminator armor, fitted with psychic dampers like the chapter’s artificer armor, but greatly improved, creating a semi-psychic forcefield that protects against both psychic and normal attacks, granting his improved invulnerable save. Nightwing is replaced by a swarm of servo-skulls that serve as his spies and defenders.

Canis Wolfborne (“Brother Ikarius, Master of Novices and Sheppard of Lost Souls”)
Brother Ikarius is a unique man with a unique position in the chapter. Sometimes called the Walker in Twilight, or Twilight Guardian for his ability to hover on the edge of the Darkness and use its power without succumbing to its grasp. On the field of battle, “Uncle Ike” as he is known to the chapter’s novices and unproven youths is a fearsome and energetic presence. He shows the children that their Darkness can be harnessed and brought to heel and teaches them to take joy in combat and camaraderie…but he is a stern guardian, accepting no cowardice in the squad to which he is attached, and inspiring all of the children in the battle company.

His duties are not limited to watching over the youths, he also tends to the Dark Company like a priest, though Ikarius has never entertained aspiratiosn for ordination. Rather he offers companionship to those who want it and solace to those who need it. In battle he has been known to attach himself to a squad of the Dark Company as often as to a squad of children. Guiding whoever needs him most with ferocity and cunning. It is said that when he was found wandering the plains by a Land Raider chapel he waved cheerily to the dour priests and informed them that he was merely out for a walk and did not require their services, but would gladly lend a hand, if they needed it.

Lord of the Wolfkin and Saga of the Wolfkin can be explained by his inspiring presence. Fangir and Wrath of the Savage represent his Mastery of the Darkness

Ragnar Blackmane (“Battlefather Reavus”)
Originally known as Brother Reavus, the legendary warrior did not start out on the road to priesthood like most battlefathers do. Rather, he fought well into his second century as a Battle Brother, then two more centuries as a hardened veteran before becoming a hero of the chapter. But when he felt his Dark Times coming on, rather than trying to live with it until forced to join the Dark Company, Brother Reavus instead decided to apply himself to spiritual pursuits and joined the ranks of the priesthood. This sort of late life conversion is not uncommon, but rarely does it actually work.

In the case of Reavus, however, it worked out beautifully. He was always uncommonly strong willed and pious, and centuries of combat have honed him into a warrior without equal. The combination of his priesthood and the Darkness which lurks on the edge of his mind forged a mighty warrior into a fearsome leader. As a battlefather, Reavus is a relatively low-ranking member of the priesthood, not privy to all the rights of battle and liturgies of hatred. Instead, he serves as an inspiring leader, spurring any squad he joins onto astonishing acts of heroism. He is, however, granted liberties and equipment above a normal battlefather, including a Rosarius and a pair of trusted acolytes who sometimes accompany their master onto the field.

Insane Bravado and War Howl are representative of Inspiring Leadership, while Incredible Reflexes are replaced with a Rosarius. His wolves represent a pair of favored acolytes who may accompany him.

Logan Grimnar (“Grandfather Ironblood, High Chief.”)
Even though Master Versatus is considered the master of the chapter, the people of Sheol still have a chieftan, father of fathers, leader of tribes. Versatus is master of the chapter’s forces and a tactician beyond compare, but Grandfather Ironblood is the hereditary leader of the Ironblood clan and all of its families and tribes. In matters of the battlefield, the ancient dreadnought’s word is law, but in matters dealing with the sheolian people, it is this aged warrior who makes the laws. On the battlefield he may take orders from Master Versatus, but he’s more than capable of leading the chapter’s forces into battle and is himself a beloved and respected leader of men in combat.

Grandfather Ironblood is probably the oldest living space marine besides the sorcerous traitors of the chaos legions, or the living relics inhabiting dreadnoughts. He may in fact be older even than Dante, though due to the vagaries of Sheol’s orbit and the chapter’s impoverished computing capability (all records were hand-written or kept orally until their ship was refurbished), it’s almost impossible to know for certain. That he survived this long with the Blood Angels famous longevity and the Sheolian people’s cleaner bloodline is not nearly so impressive as the fact that he has lived more than a thousand years without feeling the dawning of the Darkness. His mind remains as clear and strong as the day he first donned his armor.

The High Chief serves as an example and inspiration to his people, and a commanding presence on the battlefield. He had fought monsters for centuries before the rediscovery and has roamed the galaxy putting to death the enemies of the emperor since then. Though not widely known outside of their area of space, hus deeds and legends are known and spoken of reverently whenever great warriors meet to exchange tales.

Living Legend needs no alteration, High King is renamed to High Chief. The Axe Morkai is swapped for The Sword of Storms, a massive and ancient relic blade thought to contain a single long feather from the wing of the primarch himself, forged within the crystalline structure of the blade’s core.

Most of the chapter’s wargear remains the same as any Space Marine chapter, so I’ll only go into detail on the items whose background or description needs alteration.

Frost Blade/Frost Axe & Wolf Claws “Crusader Blades” and “Crusader Claws”
Ancient and highly prized relics from the days of the Great Crusade, these mighty power-weapons are often ornately detailed and have been lovingly maintained for thousands of years. They are entrusted to the bravest and most noble of Sheolian warriors. “Crusader Claws” are of a similar ancient design, though not always relics. They feature a talon-like design that allows more mobility with the blades, making them more accurate or more able to rip an enemy’s guts out, as the situation demands.

Runic Armour “Artificer Armour”
Sheolian Artificer Armour typically incorporates a built-in version of the psychic tampers made by the chapter’s techpriests, allowing the hero inside to shrug off even the most violent of warp-spawned attacks. These ornate suits are often lovingly refurbished relics from the chapter’s original complement of power armor, or else it’s the hand-built suit of a techpriest.

Terminator Armour
Though the Angels Errant have no particular fear of teleporting into combat, the teleportation systems on the Errant Angel were so badly damaged during their violent ejection from the warp (and the thousands of years of neglect and scavenging that followed) that they were utterly beyond the capability of modern techmarines to repair. As such, Angels Errant are unable to teleport into combat and must instead rely on the chapter’s meager complement of Drop Pods.

Belt of Russ, Chooser of the Slain, Fang of Morkai, Wolf Priest Amulet
These wolf-flavored items are replaced by their vanilla counterparts (Iron Halo, Familiar/Servo Skull, Honour of the Chapter, Rosarius).

Fenrisian Wolf/Cyberwolf
As mentioned before, these stats can represent wither Sheolian beasts or eager young novices/sons following their masters into battle. Their unrestrained energy and fidgety nature explains their increased transport cost.

Mark of the Wulfen (“Dawning Darkness”)
Models with this upgrade are just entering into their Dark Times and are prone to unpredictable mood swings and savage ferocity in battle. They wear black robes over their armor, and when out of combat to set themselves apart as a warning to their brothers.

Thunderwolf Mount (“Joyous Wrath/Darkness”)
This upgrade represents not a powerful beast mount but the sheer speed and might granted to one who is in the grips of the manic form of the Darkness. In fairness, all models should be mounted on the appropriate (60mm) base, built-up enough to give them the proper eyeline and body-height for the purpose of cover and los.

Wolf Tail Talisman (“Psi-Damper”)
The company’s techpriests are so adept with anti-psychic technology that they have been able to craft it into charms gifted to notable heroes. The psi-damper usually takes the form of a large blood-drop shaped charm dangling from a chain, either worn as a necklace or attached to the hero’s armor or weapon

Wolf Tooth Necklace (“Hunter’s Honours”)
Awarded to warriors of remarkable prowess, usually takes the form of a special pendant or string of animal teeth, but it can vary depending upon the nature of the deed for which it was awarded to commemorate. Malleus Skullbreaker’s, for example, takes the form of a pendant carved from the skull of the first monster he slew. Ikarius carries a black grazer-ivory figurine of a robed and hooded marine hanging himself from a chain around both their necks to signify his conquering of his own darkness. Due to the varying forms of this piece of wargear, it should always be pointed out to the opponent which models have one and how it is modeled.

Wolf Standard (“Sacred Banners/Reliquaries”)
While the nature and form of this piece of wargear is basically unchanged, it obviously has a different name and generally takes for form of sacred banners, grails or other inspirational symbols, and their power is typically invoked by the squad’s Battlefather rather than by the unit itself. Often the battlefather will shout a fiery slogan or briefly remind the unit what it represents and entreat them to do it honor by nyt faltering as they charge into combat.

Sagas (“Talents, Legends, Destines”)
Though they don’t have the same system of beliefs and oral tradition of Space Wolves, the people of Sheol none the less believe that some people are chosen by the Emperor to do great deeds, and those who are singled out thusly do everything they can to live up to them.

Saga of The Wolfkin (“The Sheppard’s Mark”)
The hero strives to uphold the example of Ikarius, to lead and inspire the youth while keeping a watchful eye over those who have fallen into the Darkness. Like a Shepard, this hero (often rimes one who struggles with his own Darkness) looks after the young and the sick in his flock. His presence is so reassuring to the youths in particular that they fight with added courage and ferocity just to keep from letting the old man down.

Saga of The Bear (“Blood of Iron, Heart of Steel”)
The hero is said to have not just blood of iron (something all Sheolian men claim to have, in reference to their ancestors in the Ironblood clan), but a heart to match. His durability and steadfastness in combat is renowned and respected.

Saga of Majesty (“Commanding Presence”)
The hero’s presence on the battlefield is so powerful and inspiring that those around him redouble their efforts not to let their brothers down in his sight.

Saga of The Hunter (“Hunter’s Stealth”)
Hunting is an important part of Sheolian culture and life, so naturally prowess during the hunt is looked upon as a sign of great things to come. Heroes with reputations as particularly stealthy hunters are often known to find their own way onto the battlefield and attack from unexpected positions.

Saga of The Warrior Born (“Dark Rage”)
The hero is known for being one with his Darkness in times of battle, calling upon aspects of the Black Rage and the Joyous Wrath while standing knee-deep in the dead. The more he kills the more ferocious he gets. Though this trait is associated with the Darkness, it is not limited to those who have fallen into their Dark Times, or even those close to it. Even priests have been known to exhibit this ability to channel their hereditary bloodlust. It’s often looked upon as a mixed omen…it could show that the hero has mastered, or is close to mastering his Darkness, but it cal also be the first sign that a hero is nearing a great fall.

Saga of The Beastslayer (“Slayer of Beasts”)
Like one who possesses Hunter’s Stealth, this hero is renowned for his prowess at the hunt. Though in this case it is not his cunning and stealth that is revered but his sheer bloody-minded ferocity and utter fearlessness in the face of massive beasts. Some people run from monsters, this hero’s instinct is to leap upon them or dart underneath and gut them.

Saga of The Iron Wolf (“Machine-Bond”)
Some techpriests are particularly talented at hearing the voice of the Machine Spirit and coaxing the most out of the vehicle they’re riding in or repairing.

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