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''Well the Sisters of Silence were Blanks right? They fought alongside the Emperor during the Great Crusade. They also fought in the Webway against the hordes of Daemons that threatened to over-run the Imperial Palace - and lost. This leads me to suggest that there 'Blank' effect is not all that powerful against Daemons.

As for what effect they would have on the Emperor in his 'current' state? I imagine that the Emperor is too powerful a Psyker to be effected by Blanks.'' <-quote from emperor, lol(im half asleep)

Well Pariahs have a field of blankness around there person which is impossible for anything 'warp' related to enter ie 'Primarily manifested as a small region of "blankness" surrounding the individual, it is impossible for psychic powers or warp creatures to penetrate this space.' and ive never read anything about Sisters of Silence but perhaps they were of lesser 'Negative Psionic Levels' like Upsilon.

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