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Originally Posted by IronFortress View Post
I hope they strike that down...

same psychic powers should mean any duplicate psychic power...

If allowed, it would be even more rediculous than having 4 Lash wielding CSM lists... oh wait, CSM only gets 2 HQ choices while SW can have 4 total....

Combine with Long Fangs' ability to target two different targets, this would effectly gut lists with transports trying to circumvent the abuse...

Perhaps the editing forgot the comma, or should have kept certain things singular...
Lash does something entirely different and is not a good comparison. Jaws is NOT that big of a deal. Yes, it is potent, but it isn't the end all. If they are putting the 400+ points into HQs to get as many Jaws as they can, then they are going to be hurting in other more vital areas, like Troops.

Long Fangs have always had that ability, so it shouldn't be a shocker to anyone nor warrant any complaints. It is fair, since they cannot have ablative guys to soak up wounds like a basic Dev Squad can.
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