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Originally Posted by Prince Endymion View Post
I'll state a couple of things here.

I already stated that each codex is showing you only its side of the story. And none of them match... to take one literally is just acting on favoritism.
I did say thats how its portrayed in the codex, but I should have made it more clear - my bad

However I would take the Chaos Daemons Codex over the Chaos Space Marines and Space Marines anyday when it comes to fluff and background material on the Chaos Gods (Call it favouritism if you will!). For the obvious reasons aswell as the fact that there is 10+ Pages of decent in-depth fluff on the Chaos Gods whereas there is a few words in the Space Marine Codex!

Originally Posted by Prince Endymion View Post
The the fact that the Chaos gods all worked together to abduct the incubant primarchs and scatter the them about the galaxy shows that they had reason to fear them. Why would the collective might of 4 chaos gods be frightened by 20 infants? Sounds like something none of the codexes touched on.
I would just like to point out here that its never been explicity stated that it was the Chaos Gods that actually 'abducted' the Primarchs, although it seems the most logical explanation.

Horus' Vision in the Horus Heresy Novels states that the Chaos Gods 'abducted' the Primarchs to get back at the Emperor who stole some of there power and who was using it to slowly destroy/weaken their Realm.

Another logical explanation could be that in 'abducting' the Primarchs they marked them with taint which later enabled the whispers of Chaos to corrupt them and therefore destroy the young Imperium.

Don't just assume the Chaos Gods did it because they feared the Primarchs, there are several other logical explanations to explore

Originally Posted by Prince Endymion View Post
Also, the Emperor, who is, as you described, dying on the golden throne, has on occasion, from across the galaxy, given his followers power, sheilded them from enemy fire, and exempted them from death with nothing more than his thoughts (again from across the galaxy).

St. Katherine was raised from the dead by the Emperor, and its not unlikely that similar things have happened before.
Yes, I was not doubting the Emperor's abilities at all. But in the 'current' environment in M41, tell me, who is it that is 'winning'? The 'current' state of affairs is arguably the most favourable outcome for Chaos, there is no major threat to their dominance and they are being fed and empowered by the constant Change, Despairs, Bloodshed, Excess of the Galaxy. Where as the Imperium is slowly but surely crumbling, and the Emperor is in a state of constant agony as he attempts to protect his corrupt and vile regime.

Originally Posted by Prince Endymion View Post
Also remember that the Emperor is dead ONLY in body. He is very much alive, and able to work his will without the need of power armor or bolter. When Goge Vandire was ruining his Imperium, the Emperor summoned Alicia Dominica to him, and ordered her to kill him, and then founded the Ordo hereticus... all this was in M36... that's six thousand years after his battle with horus and after his internment to the golden throne. (story can be found on page 4 of the witch hunters codex)
Yes I know the story very well And again I was not doubting the Emperor's abilities at all

Originally Posted by Prince Endymion View Post
All four chaos gods fused in power with the Emperor's greatest son fear death by him becouse they are his better? I think not.
Again i'll pull you back to my original point of not being able to class the Chaos Gods as 'psykers' and not really being able to compare their power to the Emperors. The Chaos Gods are complete Warp entities, for the most part they don't even care about the Material Galaxy. They realised that the Emperor intended to weaken them through his various schemes so they temporarily united to prevent him from doing so. All they did was corrupt Horus and infuse and bless him with some power, and look at the results; The Emperor's body shattered, his sons turned against him and Humanity doomed to a slow death.

Its not because the Emperor is more powerful or better than the Chaos Gods, its because he possessed the means by which to weaken Chaos. Deprive the Gods of their primary power source; Humanity.

So its not that the Emperor is more powerful, its just that he realised their weakness, & when he tried to exploit it the Chaos Gods engineered the Horus Heresy to stop him... and it worked!

Originally Posted by Prince Endymion View Post
I can only imagine that the Emperor resides on the throne only becouse he has no desire to live among men... they have dissapointed him utterly and his favored son betrayed him to the Gods of Chaos. He interferes only when a servant is absolutely faithful, and that is rare... but he is very much alive, and no less powerful becuse his body is dead. (honestly... do you realy think the Emperor couldn't get up if he wanted? He can raise St. Katherine from the grave but not himself? all the science of bio-implants and servo arms and organs can't repair his body... please...)
He himself stated that he would never walk amongst Mortals anymore, that his body was too shattered, he was forced to take to the Throne because Horus raped him and he exhausted and almost killed himself using the amount of power he used to utterly destory Horus' soul. (See the account in Horus Heresy: Collected Visions)

You think the only reason he is on the Throne is because he has no desire to live amongst men? Why is he choosing a life of constant and terrible agony then to protect Men who too often turn from his light?

No, The Emperor does not have a choice. He is forced to sit upon the Golden Throne. Not only that but on the Golden Throne he is sealing the Imperial Webway Gate and guiding the Astronomican.

Originally Posted by cegorach View Post
I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation.
Heresy's Background FAQ. (Fluff Project)
CotE Reviews: Prospero Burns (HH Review), Age of Darkness (HH Review).

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