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Originally Posted by Child-of-the-Emperor View Post
I couldn't disagree more

It is said that the Emperor's existence is one of constant agony (and has been for 10,000 years) as he struggles to hold back the tide of Chaos. A task which he is slowly but surely failing in. With every passing generation, as humanity slowly evolves to its 'Psychic Potential' the threat of Chaos grows ever stronger. More Psykers appear every generation, Humanities impact on the warp grows and more and more humans fall to Chaos Worship.

If you havn't done so already check the Chaos Daemons Codex out. To my knowledge the best and largest source of information on the Chaos Gods. It portrays the Emperor as a mere nuisance to the Warp Gods - one of several occasions when the Chaos Gods stop warring amongst themselves to thwart an annoyance. The Chaos Gods merely by whispering to Horus started the wars of the Horus Heresy and shattered the Emperors Body and his Imperium. As soon as Horus was damned they simply began warring amongst themselves again, and the Great Game continued.

The Emperor's Will is the only thing that is preventing Chaos from completley consuming the galaxy - and the Warp and the Material Plane intermingling.

I'll state a couple of things here.

I already stated that each codex is showing you only its side of the story. And none of them match... to take one literally is just acting on favoritism.
The the fact that the Chaos gods all worked together to abduct the incubant primarchs and scatter the them about the galaxy shows that they had reason to fear them. Why would the collective might of 4 chaos gods be frightened by 20 infants? Sounds like something none of the codexes touched on.

Also, the Emperor, who is, as you described, dying on the golden throne, has on occasion, from across the galaxy, given his followers power, sheilded them from enemy fire, and exempted them from death with nothing more than his thoughts (again from across the galaxy).

St. Katherine was raised from the dead by the Emperor, and its not unlikely that similar things have happened before.

Also remember that the Emperor is dead ONLY in body. He is very much alive, and able to work his will without the need of power armor or bolter. When Goge Vandire was ruining his Imperium, the Emperor summoned Alicia Dominica to him, and ordered her to kill him, and then founded the Ordo hereticus... all this was in M36... that's six thousand years after his battle with horus and after his internment to the golden throne. (story can be found on page 4 of the witch hunters codex)

Horus was no match for the Emperor prior to his possession, and even when granted their combined powers, he was only able to fight his father becouse the Emperor could not bring himself to - and I quote "summon his full strength against his favored son". The momment the Emperor realized Horus was truly lost, even with a broken body, Horus lost... the very instant that the Emperor took the fight serriously, the Chaos dogs "Fled their mortal pawn and recoiled in terror for fear of being killed themselves".

All four chaos gods fused in power with the Emperor's greatest son fear death by him becouse they are his better? I think not.

I can only imagine that the Emperor resides on the throne only becouse he has no desire to live among men... they have dissapointed him utterly and his favored son betrayed him to the Gods of Chaos. He interferes only when a servant is absolutely faithful, and that is rare... but he is very much alive, and no less powerful becuse his body is dead. (honestly... do you realy think the Emperor couldn't get up if he wanted? He can raise St. Katherine from the grave but not himself? all the science of bio-implants and servo arms and organs can't repair his body... please...)
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