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well here is what an alpha plus psyker is for all those scratching their heads and wondering.

quoted from lexicanum:
"Uncontained, Alpha-Plus psykers represent an immediate and catastrophic threat to the Imperium. In theory, there is nothing that a trained Alpha-Plus psyker cannot accomplish through force of will; from snapping a Titan in half to summoning a legion of Greater Daemons. Representing such a great danger, the Inquisition usually executes Alpha-Plus psykers on sight unless the possibility for capture is nearly assured. Although extreme examples of even this classification The Emperor of Mankind and the Gods of Chaos might be concidered psykers of this magnitude."

so i think anyone of that rediculous raw power would be right up there. the only people close to that other than the mentioned above would be magnus and at a stretch ahriman. i don't think eldrad would be as i think his power is more in the real area's of cunning and manipulation and since this the most powerful psykers thread i don't think he cuts it.

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