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Heavy Support

King Tiger.....260 Points per Model

Front: 14
Side: 13
Rear: 13
BS: 4

Unit Type:
Vehicle (tank)

Twin-linked heavy bolters
Smoke launchers
Extra armour
Tiger Cannon

Special Rules:
Lumbering Behemoth
Tank ace (bs4)
Crack Shot
Extremely unreliable
Hard to knock out

Hard to knock out:
This vehicle is so well armored and hard to destroy that if it suffers any penetrating or glancing hit it can roll a d6 and on a 5+ it shakes off the damage like it never happened

Extremely unreliable:
every time this vehicle finishes its move roll a dice, on a 1, reroll if you get another 1, it is immobilized

Tiger cannon:
120" S9 ap3 Ordnance 1 Large Blast


Just had a game with a proxy model, i rolled really bad for its main gun (all it managed was immoblising a dreadnought)
then a second dreadnought arrived taking 2 turns to kill me, the hard to knock out rule helped alot.

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