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Hmm.. well, If you're playing IG, then adding an Inquisitor lord at only 600 points might not be the best of ideas. Since you need an HQ and 2 troops, filling up a lot of your points already. And an inquisitor lord, either WH or DH, will be an expensive addition. Which you probably can spend better on some heavy firepower, like say a leman russ.

If you MUST field an Inquisitor lord, forget about psychic powers, they're pretty much all useless. Or too expensive.

Here are a few setups which you might like:
The Character hunter:
WH Inquisitor Lord, Psychic Hood, bolt pistol, Force Weapon, Rosarius.
(Acolyte with carapace + mancatcher) X 3
Crusader x 3
Surgeon x 2

This setup is meant to take down single characters. the mancatchers will reduce the enemy's attacks, while your force weapon can instagib them. Meanwhile, the psychic hood will help you shut down psychic powers used on your army, since it has unlimited range.
The Surgeon will also reduce wounds on your inquisitor by 1, and the rosarius should reduce them a little more.
Meanwhile, the crusaders all have a 4+ invulnerable save and a powerweapon themselves so can add to the pain.
If the possibility of going up against high toughness things comes up, switch the force weapon for an eviscerator and ditch the bolt pistol
Alternatively, if you want, you can give him a plasma pistol too. The pistol is there to provide an extra attack witht he force weapon.

Fire Support:
DH Inquisitor Lord, Psychic hood, artificer armour, Psycannon
Combat servitor with HB x 2
Combat servitor with Plasma Cannon
Sage x 2
Acolyte with bolter x 3

Well, pretty obvious what this guy is for, stuff him in one of your spare chimera's from your IG, and watch the enemy die, for a slightly cheaper setup, replace the plasmacannon guy with another HB guy.

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