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Originally Posted by moo View Post
Actually if you check out Victoria Lamb's painted minis she had painted a unit of marines in a japanese style, it was also featured in a white dwarf when the new marine codex was being brought out etc. I'll try and find the reference for you when im not at work.

I think I found the White Dwarf you were referencing...

Issue 298 - November 2004

They even give a name for the Chapter... The Emperor's Shadows

They look pretty sick. Very nice paint job.

The description of the paint job is as such...

Victoria's color scheme is based on the Black Templars with contrasting details in red and turquoise. Some details have a subtle samurai flavor to them that is carried over onto the Chapter and Squad iconography. The Company marking also takes up the Asian feel and is on the right kneepad.

Hopefully the picture I took will post below. If not sorry for the tease.

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