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Default Reporting Posts: When/How/Why

The Report Button is one of the most important tools for both you and the staff. We rely on our members to let us know when things need to be taken care of. Not just for abusive posts and flame wars, but for anything that requires a mod's ability or attention. Because of this, it's important for our members (new and old) to know when, how and why to report a post or thread, as well as when not to.

When Do I Report a Thread?
  • There are several good reasons to report a thread:
  • Unacceptable Content: Porn, racism, personal attacks, trolling, poor post quality, etc.
  • Misplaced Thread: Non-List posts in Army List forums, Rules questions in Tactics, etc.
  • Technical Issues: Title change, multi-post, duplicate thread.
  • Spam: Illegal ads, nonsense posts, etc.
  • Attention Needed: Thread is getting heated, in danger of becoming personal or off topic, etc.

You can report your own posts if you need to as well. Maybe you put it in the wrong place, or accidentally double-posted, or got the title wrong, just report it and someone will come along and fix it.

The most important thing to remember when you need to file a report is to JUST SHUT UP AND REPORT IT!
Good god, seriously, people. Click the botton, fill out the report and then either leave the thread or get back on topic. Don't threaten to report someone if they don't say they're sorry, don't shout "Reported!" when a troll starts looking for a rise, don't tell someone their thread is in the wrong place.

That last one *really* gets on my nerves. Some helpful soul will chime in on a misplaced thread and say "This is in the wrong place! It should go over there!" Congratulations! Now not only have you publically embarassed the person who put their post in the wrong place, and made yourself out to be a condescending twerp but you've done absolutely NOTHING HELPFUL! People cannot move their own posts. Most of the people reading the post cannot move it either. The only people who *can* move the thread are the mods, and the best way to let them know is to (say it with me, class) JUST SHUT UP AND REPORT IT! Not only do you contribute absolutely nothing helpful to the discussion with your brilliant insight, but at worst you could end up causing the person to post a NEW thread in the right place, which then makes the mods job *twice* as hard because now we have to move one thread and merge it into another, prune out redundant posts, etc. Seriously, please just report it, don't comment on it.

How Do I Report A Thread?
So, now you know when to report, the How is pretty easy. Located in the upper right of each and every post, next to the Rep button, it's the key to keeping Heresy friendly and tidy.

Just click the button on the particular post you want to report, then you'll be taken to a new screen where you need to enter in a reason for the report. This, along with the reported post, will be sent to the mods so we can see what's going on and act accordingly. It'll take you back to the thread once you fill it out. After you file a report, just move on. Either contribute to the subject of the thread without getting into what was wrong with it, or find another thread to check out. Don't come back just to derail the thread further by playing armchair mod.

Why Should I Report Anything?
The why should be obvious, but I thought I should cover it as well. Reporting posts and threads helps keep the mods up to date on what's going on. We can't be everywhere and read every single thread. We do spot most things in the course of our normal browsing, but sometimes things happen when we're not looking. The members of this board have a vested interest in keeping it clean, friendly and well-sorted. It's our job to do the work of maintaining things and dealing with problem members, but if you help us it makes our job easier.

Getting reports from members also helps us gauge how certain subjects and posts are being received. There have been cases where staff members saw no real problem with something that was said or done, but multiple people complained and let us know that no matter what we thought, it was still a problem and we needed to deal with it. You don;t just keep us informed, you keep us grounded. The more we hear from you the better we know the community we;re here to serve.

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